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Pipe Replacement

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Bathroom Remodel

One of the Bathroom Remodel projects we’re proud of. It was a huge success. The biggest challenge was making widespread changes to the space while simultaneously focusing on the finer, more precise details of the remodel. From start to finish, it was fun to add both color and style, making this property even more beautiful.

Metal Support on Ceiling

Ceiling Support

The job was no easy feat. There was a lot of shoddy work left over from the original construction which had to be either modified or replaced. The goal was to secure the structural integrity while also adding a contemporary style. With careful planning, preparation, and execution, you can see the unique and wonderful finished product.

Opening Trap Door

Attic Door Installation

A job done correctly. It improved the home’s efficiency, offering more functionality, enhanced space-saving, and ensured less future maintenance requirements. This was one of my most challenging and enjoyable projects, because it was an iterative process in which the client was involved with every step. Check out the end result for yourself!

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